After a long, delayed, and frustrating online purchase, Anthony swore to never use the services of his bank and a prominent payment processor.

In anger, he prophesied the end of his banker and the payment processor. The subject bank had lost a client and it clearly reflected in his frustration. He threw his fist in the air in disgust and declared to use cryptocurrency to transact from then on.

Why this avenging oath?

Well, Anthony wanted to make a simple online payment for a lawnmower. He put in the details as he does, but an error message instructed him to check in later as the network had issues. He tried again. Nothing.

Customer service at the payment processor was always reliable. Well, not this time. The nice lady operator told him that due to the amount involved his bank and the recipient had restricted the payment to protect his funds.

“I can’t use my own money!” exclaimed Anthony.

After a long, back and forth involving network issues, his banker gave him the option of a wire transfer. Eventually, this transaction took 16hrs to complete.

A cryptocurrency debit card would have done this transaction instantly. That’s why Anthony and many others are gradually getting comfortable using a cryptocurrency debit card.

This article outlines;

  • What a cryptocurrency debit card is, the Xcrypt debit card, and its features.
  • The benefits of a cryptocurrency debit card that match with the Xcrypt debit card

What is a Cryptocurrency debit card?

This is a debit card that allows a crypto holder to easily liquidate cryptocurrency to fiat currency. Xcrypt debit card is a good example.

Xcrypt debit card features.

  1. Buying and selling of cryptocurrency using a debit card on the Xcrypt exchange.
  2. Shopping worldwide with the Xcrypt debit card.
  3. ATM withdrawal in fiat currency anywhere, any day and time.
  4. This card enables a user to transfer funds from one account to another within the exchange.

So in light of the features of the Xcrypt debit card, let’s examine if it qualifies to be of benefit to you and me.

Xcrypt card

The benefits of a cryptocurrency debit card.

No need for financial intermediaries

Anthony’s bad experience at the hands of trusted institutions that held his money is not what you and I desire.

With cryptocurrencies, you do not have to give authorization to a bank nor a crypto exchange.

Xcrypt debit connects to your wallet. So you spend crypto at your discretion.

A savior to the financially oppressed.

In countries where there are challenges of infrastructure, economic sanctions or currency devaluation, cryptocurrency has been a great alternative to fiat currency.

Crypto debit cards like the Xcrypt debit card have opened a new way to spend your money without going through the dreaded banks. They have opened an opportunity for the people in these countries to get essential services that at one time were inaccessible.

Cashback options and rewards.

Some cards provide you with an opportunity to earn rewards on your purchases. The more you use the debit card, the more benefits you are likely to get.

Multi fiat and Multi coin currency support.

One convenience that most users love is the ability to withdraw cash in more than 2 currencies. The Xcrypt debit card helps to forget about currency conversion costs and to foster freedom to shop wherever one wishes.

Likewise, the ability for one to use more than one crypto other best bitcoin debit cards, enables one to load up a coin/token of choice on to the Xcrypt debit card. This gives choice to transact wherever.

Virtual cards

Most of the best cryptocurrency debit cards, like the Xcrypt debit card, have virtual cards that need not carry. This enables you to use a mobile app wallet to manage your funds anywhere.

Free Services

Most cryptocurrency debit cards like the Xcrypt debit card have services like travel insurance, protection against currency price fluctuations, and fraud protection.

For users who like to travel, these services give you peace of mind wherever you transact.

Security features

Xcrypt debit card like most crypto debit cards has security features that protect the access of your funds. 

Crypto debit cards are quite fast in processing payments because they have real-time transaction processes and this goes with a monitoring feature. This ensures accepted transactions.

Buying and Selling on Xcrypt exchange

A unique feature about the Xcrypt debit card is the ability to buy and sell crypto on the Xcrypt exchange.

Most exchanges don’t have their own card. Buying and selling of cryptocurrency is limited within an exchange between different coins or tokens but not enabled by a debit card.

Transfer of funds between accounts.

Many exchanges advise an account holder to convert all her cryptocurrency to Bitcoin when transferring funds to a new account. The transfer of funds is from one wallet to another.

Xcrypt exchange moves away from this and enables you to transfer funds account to account no matter the type of coin or token.


Xcrypt debit card is the future of convenience for cryptocurrency traders and shoppers. Its unique features coupled with how it is similar to other best cryptocurrency debit cards, make it a worthy tool you should possess to make your life easier and better.

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